Dialogue system for Ikemen Go

Dialogue system for Ikemen Go

I created a module that allows you to choose between 1 or 2 windows for dialogues between characters on Ikemen Go. You do not need to overwrite any character file to use it, and you can easily change the animations, frames, and other elements of the module. Enjoy! To check it out before downloading, watch this video on my YT channel.

dialogue working on a fighting game engine

How to Install the dialogue module

Before going further, to use this module properly you need to have knowledge about these triggers:

name, enemynear, teamside, stateno, animtime, roundstate.

If you do not know anything about these, please refer to any Mugen wiki and learn about them before going on. This module is intended to be used by people who have basic knowledge of CNS, triggers, and sctrls.

Also, it will be good for you to get familiar with new stuff exclusive to Ikemen Go as:

map, dialogue, indialogue

Check the Ikemen Go wiki here to learn about these.

Time to Install
Download the module first from here. The 7zip includes a full clean installation of Ikemen Go with the module working. In the data folder, you can find the module files inside another 7zip file if you need to install the module in your own Ikemen Go build.
The files included are

dialogue.zss: This file contains the dialogues for the characters.

helpersfordialogue.zss: This file contains the explods and the helpers. Also, it contains the setup to choose between using a single or dual window.

dialogue info parameters.txt: Contains the parameters to be copied to your system.def. Needed for the dialogue text and character portraits.

fightfx.air and fightfx.sff: Both files contain the animations and the sprites for the module. Do not use these files. Instead copy the animations and sprites(frames, animated background) from these files to your own fightfx.air and fightfx.sff.

Copy the dialogue.zss and the helpersfordialogue.zss inside your data folder. Open the config.json and add these lines to the “CommonStates”: section.


Open the dialogue info parameters.txt files and you’ll see two sections starting with the [Dialogue Info] line. Choose one according to if you want two windows or a single one. Copy the whole block to your system.def and save the file.

Making the dialogue works

The dialogue will trigger at the start of the match with Kung Fu Man by default. If you want to make it work with other characters please open the dialogue.zss file and copy the entire block and paste it below inside the same file. You can optionally copy it to your character’s [statedef -4] own state.

Change the name and the enemynear,name conditionals to your character’s name and the enemy name in the new block you just copied. This trigger a dialogue between two chars when the match is starting.
If you want to set a dialogue between chars at the end of the match you can delete the `stateno = [191,195]` conditional and add `matchover` conditional plus `stateno = [180,185]` which are the MUGEN/IKEMEN GO common win pose state numbers.


The purpose of this was to cover the basic steps to make the dialogue with explods and helpers work in your build. From here it is up to you and your imagination to take the dialogue tool to a new height and create deep and creative dialogues and story modes in Ikemen Go. Good Luck!!

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